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Earn by bringing a Games Jobs Live event to your local area

We’re actively looking for new partners to work with to bring Games Jobs Live to new areas. We’re looking for geographic hubs of game developers anywhere in the world – you should be well connected to the local studios, and have contacts at local game dev associations, Universities, and council/government support agencies etc.

As well as earning, you’ll earn the thanks of both your local industry keen to expand their recruitment, as well as of a wider community eager to discover all the positions on offer in their local games industry.

Please drop a note for more details.

About the format

Games Jobs Live events are livestream events that go out on YouTube which are free and open to all attendees, whether they already work in the industry, another industry, or have recently graduated and are looking to join. 

The events showcase the best local game development studios with active vacancies – with each studio succinctly presenting who they are, what they’ve done, and most importantly, who they’re desperately looking for.

Each studio will have their own dedicated chat channel on a Discord so you can follow up with any questions to them, and if you like what you hear, just apply directly. 

Caroline Usher said
“Games Jobs Live was a great opportunity to reach out and connect with some of the talented people we have in the gaming industry today. It’s a great platform to be able to showcase what we do here at Tag and the active roles we have available. Would highly recommend Games Jobs Live. We will definitely be at another one!”
People and Office Manager, Tag Games
Emma Turner said
"Games Jobs Live was a great event – it gave us the opportunity to introduce Outplay to a wide pool of talent and we immediately saw the benefits of the event in the following applications we received. We are definitely keen to be involved in future events!"
Head of HR, Outplay Entertainment
Guy DeRosa said
"Games Jobs Live is the new age virtual showcase of the best games studios in the UK that we didn’t know we needed! We loved the opportunity to give exclusive insight on life inside our studios whilst interacting with the viewers in real time. Looking forward to the next event!"
Head of Talent, Studio Gobo & Electric Square
Tim Gatland said
“We love the format of Games Jobs Live - it’s an extremely efficient way of presenting the career opportunities at Rivet to a set of highly relevant candidates. Games Jobs Live came at just the right time for us and we’re interviewing several promising candidates as a direct result.”
CEO, Rivet Games
Justin Alae-Carew
“Fantastic event. The livesteam and discord mix worked really well to allow us to reach a large audience but at the same time have in-depth conversations with applicants. We'll definitely participate again.”
Head of Games (Commercial), Blazing Griffin
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